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Who Am I?

Beauty Queen Phase

Daughter, sister, beauty queen (circa 1959) – that’s me on the right

Daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother, friend. Student, secretary, small business owner, teacher, trainer, mentor.  At various stages of my life, I’ve assumed each of these identities (and some others in between that I either don’t remember or choose not to).  But there was one vocation I’d always aspired to – from the time I was 16 or 17 – that I had never quite managed: writer.  I kept telling myself I’d ‘get around to it’ someday.  Then, shortly after my 55th birthday, it came to me that I had more days behind me than ahead of me – and I realized that if I wanted to be what I’d always dreamed of being, I better get on with it!  So I put aside my (significant) fears, quit my (well-paying but emotionally draining) College teaching job, decorated the spare bedroom in soothing colours and filled it with some of my favourite things, and bought myself a brand new laptop. I became a writer!

This blog (part personal essay, part memoir) is one aspect of my writing life; topics range from insights into ‘growing older’ to personal opinions and/or comments on the state of the world today, to reminiscences about growing up in the middle part of the twentieth century.  I strive to be insightful, informative and entertaining; I know I sometimes come across as cynical, and occasionally as funny (although I don’t always pull it off as well as I might hope). Freshly Pressed - April 2011 To my delight, I’ve been Freshly Pressed twice – first for ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ (April, 2011) and then for ‘How to Climb a Mountain’ (August, 2012).  I also write short stories (several of which have won awards; some of these are posted on this blog) and ‘women’s fiction’ (contemporary and historical romance), and although I have yet to have any of my novels published, I recognize that its early days yet!  My time WILL come – of that I am certain!

In 2016 my ever-supportive husband finally retired (he was also a College professor) and we moved from a house surrounded by trees in a too-big-and-noisy-for-us city on the shores of Lake Ontario to our dream home in the middle of four acres of trees in a lovely little community about an hour to the southwest. We’ve settled in nicely and are thoroughly enjoying a far-more-relaxed lifestyle. I have two sons, both grown up and married, but living close by, so I see them often. My first granddaughter was born in 2015, so you can expect the odd post about her absolute wonderful-ness as the years pass.

I have a particular fondness for cats, donkeys, and all manner of wildlife. My Bike I drive a sparkly red (‘no more Mommy-mobile for me’) sports car and own an equally red touring motorcycle that gives me a completely different perspective on the world when I’m on it. I like simple ‘comfort’ food, white wine, and a cold beer on a hot day. I’m a fan of action adventure movies, educational / nature documentaries, and would rather watch paint dry than what passes for ‘entertainment’ on regular/cable TV. I do believe  “With age comes wisdom”, so I feel justified in sharing my thoughts and perspectives on all manner of things with inquisitive and understanding readers like you.

If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment below (or on any of my posts) or email me privately at:

Thanks for visiting; I hope you enjoy your stay!

Margo Karolyi

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